What does eq2connect stand for?

eq2 means emotional intelligence. It is now well understood that the science of human relationships is fundamental to our physical, mental and spiritual well being. This practice understands that emotional intelligence, our “eq2” is good for ourselves, others, and the planet. We pride ourselves on fostering this with our clients so they lead healthier and happier lives.

How do I make an appointment with a psychologist?

There are two main pathways to see a psychologist:

  1. See your General Practitioner (GP) and obtain a referral. You will need to ask for a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP). Your GP will then work with you to develop this MHCP and provide you with a referral to eq2connect, your GP may give you the referral or in some instances they may fax it to us directly.
  2. Call us or contact us online to arrange a private consult. This pathway does not involve the medicare rebate.

Who normally comes to see a psychologist?

Anyone can come and see a psychologist, given they have followed the pathways outlined above and have a problem they want to work on or are struggling with – check our services page for more information. Psychologists can see people of all ages and work with diverse groups.